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Tucson Photo Crawl and Contest 2022

The U of A Graduate Planning Society (GPS) hosted a Downtown Tucson Photo Crawl and Contest for GPS members. Members were encouraged to take Tucson's SunLink Streetcar together, photograph some of Tucson's great urban spots around Downtown, and submit their photography to a contest. Contest categories included:

  • Urban Design

  • University of Arizona

  • Tucson-Focused

  • Mobility

  • Architecture

Friends of Planning members judged the photos and chose their top-two favorites for each category. Attendees at a Planning Mixer at the Box Yard hosted by the Southern Arizona Chapter of the APA in April 2022 were asked to vote on their favorite pictures, with winners receiving a prize!

Contest Winners

Best Overall Photos Category - Ariel Howell and Melanie Olson

Urban Design Category - Christina Scarpitti

University of Arizona Category - Anushka Phalke and Melanie Olson

Tucson-Focused Category - Ariel Howell

Mobility Category - Christina Scarpitti and Melanie Olson

Architecture Category - Melanie Olson

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